My free YAMAHA AN1X (analog VA) Sounds

2011 : 50 Sounds for Stage : an1x_v1.an1
2011 : Emulator X2 Pianos for AN1x : EMUx2.an1
2011 : Drum, Base Workshop for AN1x : workshop_v_beta.an1.an1 Demo__ mp3
2012 : AN1X Mellotrons, Ten standard Tapes : mellotrons_v1.an1 Demo __ mp3
2012 : Famous Sequenzes plus Solina Moog and CX3 : Last Work

Files in syx Format. (Seq_Vintage missing)

mailto : richy

an1x_v1.an1, Some demos

  Old Drum machines : an1xdrums3
  Old Korg Cx3 with AN1X cx3
  Some Organ Effects with AN1X elp
  CS 80 Trevor Horn Introsound trevor2
  Vocoding Talking effects aiaiai
  Analog and FM choir vocal
  Triton + An1x experimental Experiment (multirecord)
  Sax with FM breath sax3

Own song in classical style

Korg Triton LE 61, X50 Demos
All Sounds are live single shot recorded (no multi ) only using Trito LE 61 or Korg X50

Triton Le and italian female singer. Recorded in practice room just for fun.
Ti sento One Combi Sound
Hijo de la luna (Orchestra,Perc... controlled via velocity schwitch, soft split. One Combi sound)


Some Traditionals played with Left hand Chords + monophonic Bass
( lowest note priority) Drum Breaks controled via Velocity
Besame Moucho
Over the Rainbow (Bossa Version)

Now Drums are additional played manual :-)
Demonstrating how it works to play Bass,Chords,Drums manual

Effects :
Vocodingeffects with LE Decimator
Horrible Atmosphere with LE Flanger Matrix :-)
Sync Effect with LE Decimator
Simulating a real "Kreissaege"

Some jokes with classic music
Bach "Improvisation" 2
Bach "Improvisation" 1

LE Choir
Choir with samples
LE Analogchoir using LP Filter

Own song in GM Format (no Drums :-)

From slow to fast
My LE solosound
The Looner using Triton LE

YAMAHA CS01 analog Minisynth


Older AN1X stuff AN1X 2000